Egorova Nataliya Alexandrovna was born in 1991 in Moscow. The musical abilities of the singer appeared since childhood. From the stories of her mother, Irina: «I do not remember a single day that Nataliya does not sing!» Nataliya listened to a lot of different music, listened to the radio and very quickly memorized all the songs. In consequence she was called a girl — radio. Every year the talent and abilities of the singer opened up more and more. The singer studied at the school with in-depth study of the German language, performed at all school concerts, made scripts, easily and skillfully could compose, and change the lyrics to suit the case, she was engaged in the show-theater «Triumph», went to music school, where she studied piano, vocal, solfeggio, harmony, sang in the choir with the use of folk instruments. She was engaged in modern ballroom dances professionally, took prizes at contests. She studied various techniques of vocals in the vocal studios in Moscow. Later, Nataliya received a higher musical, vocal education. Now the singer is a student of a theatrical university. Artist very lucky with the teachers on vocals. Each of them revealed her abilities and saw the individuality of the singer. After all, it is very important to see precisely that uniqueness of man that nature has laid. Nataliya Alexandrovna has passed many vocal competitions in nominations: variety, jazz vocal and patriotic song. He is a laureate and Grand Prix of All-Russian and international competitions of vocal art. For several years she sang in jazz band. Currently, the artist is the frontwoman of the musical group «Devochka-Radio». The name of the group is directly related to Nataliya’s childhood. Also she is a singer CKOO by Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Navy. The singer combines different vocal styles, revealing the peculiarity of each.

It is impossible not to say that a special place in the vocal life of  Nataliya is a military-patriotic theme. After all, her father, Alexander, captain of the 2nd rank. Always in their family, a holiday is celebrated with great respect — Navy Day. In the entourage surrounded by many people who have passed a severe school of military training and are highly respected in the military world, received their titles for valor and labor for the glory of our Great Homeland.

The mother of the singer is her friend, support, correct criticism and help in all spheres of  Nataliya’s life. She can always give the right advice to the actress and attends all of her concerts.

The singer herself says: «Mom for everyone is a person who can always understand everything and help with advice, but for me it’s not just mum, so to speak,» super woman «. She has an inner ear and she is always near me and we are friends — that is a great value for me. »

Nataliya Egorova is a creative person. Her whole life, this is a song. She writes poetry, composes songs, knows how to do everything at once. He is not afraid of life’s difficulties and always goes ahead so that it does not happen. The artist can show the full depth of texts and music, and is able to convey the meaning and inner experiences to the listener. It is also called the «queen of rain», as it is not rare at concerts, when it rains — it is usually difficult to gather people, we are now talking more about street concert venues. But after hearing her voice, people in the truest sense of the word, become wet under the rain, but happy listen to the songs in her performance.

Nataliya, as we already told you earlier, always goes ahead. And now the singer comprehends new musical facets for herself, as Nataliya says: «You can’t stop on the road to perfection».