Last summer Lena Stogova went to a Pioneer camp. The Young Pioneers lived near the river, and in the evening they had a camp-fire. Lena liked to sit at the fire, listen to interesting stories and sing songs.
One evening Lena and the other Young Pioneers were sitting round the camp-fire listening to Victor, the Pioneer organizer. He said to them:
“Today I want to tell you about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the leader of all the working people. Many years ago the Ulyanovs lived in Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk) on the great Russian river Volga. The family was large, Volodya was one of six children in the family. Volodya learned very well at school and went up from one form to the next with very good marks in all subjects every year. He was also a very good comrade and helped the other pupils when they asked him to. When Vladimir was 17, he left school and went to Kazan University. He began his revolutionary work in Kazan, when he was studying at the university.”
Then Victor told the Young Pioneers how Lenin organized the Communist Party, how the Communist Party and the working people with Lenin at their head prepared the Great October Socialist Revolution and how they worked to build Socialism in our country.
“Lenin,” said Victor, “gave all his life to the people. He worked to make their life happy. Now we are building Communism in our country and we must always remember the great man, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, for all he has done for our country and all the working people. Lenin’s life is a great example for us all. April the 22nd is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s birthday, and we celebrate his birthday as a great holiday.”
After Victor’s story, there was a concert at the camp-fire. The Young Pioneers sang songs about Lenin, the Communist Party and our Soviet country.