Devochka – Radio band



The console must have at least 16 channels. Behringer or Alto consoles are not welcome at all. If the remote is not on the stage — you need a multicor of sufficient length and an adequate sound engineer)



Singer, Drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, saxophone, (4 vocalists back vocals).

The time for setting up the group, if fully prepared by the local staff, is at least 2 hours.



DRUM SET: Yamaha, Tama, Sonor, Mapex.

The installation must be assembled and consist of:

22 «or 20» bass drum; 16 «floor tom; 10», 12 «rack toms;

Stand for snare, hi — hat stand with lock, 3 stands for plates with

fasteners, a chair for a drummer, a 2x2 carpet for sites with

laminated coating scene. A small drum, plates and a pedal for a bass drum the band brings with them.


GUITAR (GUITAR): Any good, better tube combo or stack of a well-known company (Marshall,

Fender, Hughes & Kettner, etc.). The signal is removed by a microphone such as Shure SM57.


Saxophone: Microphone with a stand for a subsonic, or a buttonhole.


KEYBOARDS (KEYBOARDS): connect in line (2 DI-Box), stand for keys.


BASS (BAS): A bass combo or cabinet of at least 300W (preferably Ampeg, Markbass, Trace

Elliot, etc. Apparatuses such as Behringer are not welcome)

It is desirable to have 2 guitar racks, 3 music stands, additional points

Power supply for all instrumentalists, except for the drummer.



— 5 microphone racks — «Crane» (for vocal microphones) + set of racks for dubbing drums, 1 stand for dubbing a guitar combo, + one stand for voice-over of a saxophone or a buttonhole (microphone).

— 5 vocal microphones, kit for drum set (for large halls). In small rooms it is enough to sound a barrel, small and OverHead.


Monitors: 1, 2,3-front lines and 4


(variants can be specified on the phone specified above for technical approvals)